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Design innovation, quality, reliability and a concern for environmentally sound manufacturing processes.

These are all attributes that I look for when sourcing my equipment suppliers. Today, I would like to focus on one such supplier that displays all of these elements, PS of Sweden, a supplier of riding accessories and equipment, best known for their anatomical bridle designs.

I take my riding seriously and demand quality and I can feel comfortable dealing with PS of Sweden in that they value the same things. They care about and support the sport of equestrian. An excerpt describing their product development process:

“Every product goes through a development phase of about 10 months on average. Every millimeter must be scrutinized, and even if the functionality is our top-most priority we never back down from our demands on design or quality. We let things take the time they need, because we want the product to be the best there is.”

Another quality is the innovation in developing environmentally sound manufacturing processes, such as their use of eco-friendly leather. By using only vegetable tanned leather they can eliminate the chemicals used in other tanning methods.

“This is how we make a contribution to a better world, and we do not support tanning using chrome, which is a substance associated with allergic reactions in both humans and animals. Chrome can be transformed into chrome 6, which may cause cancer.”

These are just a few of the highlights of a company that has built a great reputation in the equestrian world. I can trust that the research and innovation work has gone into their products, so I can just enjoy the beauty and quality of their designs.

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