The Importance of Cross-Training

There are various ways I keep my horses fit. One of them is through hill work. In Florida I don’t have large hills to work with but I use the rolling mounds shown in my video as a mini hill training tool. Doing hill work is a staple in my training for the horses. Not only is it super fun, but it has 3 essential benefits to maintaining horse health:

1. Strengthening the hind legs. Why? Because the hind legs are the motor that keeps our horses carrying and pushing through from back to front.

2. Conditioning. Fitness increases the heart rate and works cardiovascular health not unlike how we train cardio in the gym. And because the hills are small, I do more reps.

3. Mental well-being. Activities like hill work give my horses a break from being in the ring. It’s not something you want to over do but it’s good for them to provide some different challenges, especially when it allows them to use their playful side.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to keeping your horses happy and fit!

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