Give Back, Pay it Forward, Pony Up!

Everything I provide for my horses must meet the highest of standards, especially when it comes to food and nutrition and the method in which it’s produced. I also strongly believe in giving back to society, the environment and social causes whenever I can – that’s always been an important factor in how I live my life. It’s when those two worlds collide, that I get super excited and want to tell everyone about it. So I will!
Like every living being, horses need to be rewarded with special treats after a hard day’s work. Recently I started exclusively buying horse treats made by a company called Pony Up because I truly believe in the concept behind how they do business. The treats are produced in an eco-friendly and self-sustainable farm in the mountains of Villeta, Colombia. They’re made by hand, 100% natural, contain natural vitamins, and also contain preventative and healing properties for mouth wounds.
As if that wasn’t enough, these scrumptious treats are produced by small scale farmers in a region that supports small scale agriculture, using a self-sustainable, re-cycling of raw materials process – meaning, nothing goes to waste. What do they do with excess raw goods? “…Some become the main source of combustion, others an organic fertilizer and some even healthy food for the farm animals.” The ripple effect is incredible and I can’t tell you how great it feels to make a conscious choice supporting such a great concept that just isn’t practiced enough. And of course, they make my horses happy.
Pony Up doesn’t act as a sponsor of any kind. I genuinely love this product for all of its nutritional and ideological qualities.
Read up on it, and fall in love with it like my horses and I have.

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