Horse Health and After Training Recovery


As I either ride or exercise my horses for six days followed by a rest day with, a hack day in between where we go out on the trails or I do cross training with trot poles . I use a mix of balanced techniques and therapies to maintain their overall health and general well-being.

One piece of equipment that I and the horses cannot do without is the use of the magnetic blanket from Sport Innovations. I have found the blanket to be really helpful for muscle relaxation and/or pain relief having used one now for many years. All my horses love the blanket and most of the time it puts them to sleep as they fully and completely relax.

The benefit of magnetic therapy is now well recognized. The therapy involves placing high strength magnets as close to a point of apparent pain as possible or on the muscle. This causes the blood cells to absorb more oxygen and in the process moves nutrients, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, iron and endorphins in the oxygen enriched blood to tissues which more effectively enhances and accelerates the healing process through improved circulation while reducing excess fluids and toxins in an area of inflammation.

Strenuous training and exercise causes a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles of a horse. A magnetic field effectively stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the veins which counteracts the lactic acid build up thereby improving recovery time as well as the overall comfort of the horse.

I use the blanket as much as possible as it is drug free and a non-invasive and effective way to aid muscle recovery and recovery of injuries that could call for the use of anti-inflammatories, painkillers and/or hot or cold wraps. The additional benefits of magnetic therapy include increased elasticity to muscles and a quicker return to a normal range of motion, resulting in less chance of an injury.

My trusted Australian Blue Heeler Jess (my shadow) is seen keeping a watchful eye on one of the horses that is just starting treatment with the blanket.

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