4 of My Favorite Heart Healthy Foods


This Valentine’s Day, love isn’t the only thing keeping my heartbeat strong. As an athlete, heart health is imperative to performing well, and for the long term in my sport. Here are a few of my favorite heart healthy foods:


As a West Coaster, salmon has always been a staple in my diet.  High in omega-3 fatty acids, not only is it great for your skin and hair, but it can lower the risk of arrhythmia (irregular heart beat).


Deep reds and blues (like strawberries, blueberries and black berries). I try to eat 3 servings a week as studies show, women who ate such portions had a 32% lower risk of heart attack.


Good thing it’s Valentine’s Day! This will definitely be at the top of my list of heart healthy foods to eat today. I try to choose chocolate made up of at least 60-70% cocoa as this is really where the benefits come from (polyphenols), which help with a variety of heart conditions such as high blood pressure.

Green Tea:

You’ll know from reading about my infused waters that I love green tea – hot or cold.  Green tea contains antioxidants that ward off the risks of cardiovascular disease or stroke.

How do you stay heart healthy?

source: health.com

image source: wellnessguides.org

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