Horse Health: Treating Joint Pain

Joints are put under stress every day just by exercising, and the strain increases with competition. Inflammation or discomfort can appear at any age or at any time during the animal’s life. Soundness and performance suffer as a result of joint-related issues.

A dietary supplement can reduce inflammation, relieve discomfort, and help maintain healthy synovial fluid and cartilage in all joints. A complete joint formula will keep active and passive joint issues under control in animals of all ages.

If you’re considering a nutraceutical for your horse and your veterinarian agrees that it’s OK to use, make sure you research the product for content and quality of the ingredients.

I personally choose the Liquid Gold product from La Victoria Performance as it’s a human grade, pure concentrate with no extra additives or fillers.

It’s a combination of high quality ingredients in a single product that helps animals with a broad spectrum of problems. Putting all the ingredients in one product makes the feeding process easier. It also reduces the amount of supplements that have to be added to the feed. It’s far less invasive than constant injections or infiltrations, making administering it simpler for you and safer for your animal.

Since I use a liquid form joint formula, my horses begin to absorb it as soon as it comes into contact with the mouth tissue. This means, it doesn’t have to be dissolved by liquid in the stomach to be absorbed, like other powder supplements. Also, it sticks to the grain when is first mixed into feed, and does not stay at the bottom of the feed bucket.


What do you use?

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