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Hello, I'm Alexandra Duncan and welcome to my website. I am building this site for a number of reasons. Before I share them with you, I'd like to thank all those whose support made the path I have chosen possible, in particular my mom and dad, without whose support, none of this would have been possible.

Now why I wanted to do this....

My future plans are 2015 World Cup vegas and 2015 Pan Am games and 2016 Olympics Rio. 

Second, to give back to a sport that I love by primarily assisting Young Riders in fully understanding the level of dedication commitment and discipline that it takes to become a top level competitive international Dressage Rider.

Thirdly, riding is all about developing an intuitive relationship with your horse so that you become a true combination in every sense of the word. It's about patience, caring, understanding and giving of yourself. If it is about taking, then the relationship dynamic with your horse will never develop, and success, satisfaction, and the love of the sport and all that it brings will be elusive at best. 

As you are browsing the site remember that while it is mostly about what I have done and am doing, it is not only my site, but a site for all those who have helped along the way. I thank them and I thank you for stopping by.
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